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et årsverk december 11 2010

Here´s how it started. My friend Jan Christian Mollestad came over for coffee and I showed him some of my “Car pictures. He thought they were wonderful. He immediately called his brother Markus who, together with Jan Christian, organize a yearly art and culture exhibition in Stabekk (a small center near where we live) called Et Årsverk.  Upon seeing my photos they concluded that I MUST display them at the event.

I then showed them some test shots of computer innards. Heavily modified in photoshop but computer bits none the less. They liked these too and thought they would be good for the Stabekk show in addition to the cars.

The Et Årsverk program, consisted of the main display hall set up as a gallery with artwork and live music plus  the theater area for films, poetry, political discussions, dance and music. In the gallery, I displayed some car shots along with the new computer shots. For the theater I made a short slide show production of the computer pictures in collaboration with Sam Asgari who did the music.

It was fun to work with Sam who is already at 16, a musical talent. Check him out on the website.

The computer slide show called, Travels in a Digital Landscape can be found on YouTube.

Below are some samples of the computer series. Click to enlarge.

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