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exhibition at høvik

Exhibition at HøvikCanadian photographer Peter MacCallum opened his first photo exhibition in Norway (at local gallery in Høvik) 17 January – 8 February 2009. The two themes of the show were “The forgotten Canadian history and “pop art cars”.

The forgotten Canadian history
“I have always been very interested in history and naturally keen on Canadian history. When reading about Canadian history, researchers often focus on the people that succeed. My photo series is exciting to me because it gave me the opportunity to show my version of the forgotten Canadian history – those people that made an effort to establish themselves in the prairies, struggling to make it work, but eventually gave up,” says Peter MacCallum.

“The pop art cars started as an experimental project. I have always liked old cars with unique design. I feel that today’s cars are too similar and have too few distinctive features. My photos accentuate these features and show off their beauty,” says Peter MacCallum.

For more information about the exhibition contact:

Peter MacCallum
Mobile: 902 68 005

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